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2006-09-23 00:25:26 by fepp

Und hier die Webcam vom Cateringbereich:



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homelessnessBay Area's open, closed parks10 years after Calif. recallReview: new Malcolm Gladwell bookThe puffy parka is passe, replaced by lightasamarshmallow fabrics, or deniminspired skiwear that hugs your body almost as well as your favorite jeans. Fleece? Cute, but you can buy that at Old Navy now.
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Combine this with our society way of making us feel inadequate and marketing manipulation by the media (who, ironically, are exercising their freedom), and we find ourselves always wanting. This wanting and the attachment to things we managed to accumulate are the banes to our happiness. We must free ourselves from our own desires to find true happiness.
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Here in my home city of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, people might be forgiven for wondering just what all the fuss is about "another" recession.
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Internet searches on Jan. 27 included queries on passport requirements for travel to Mexico and whether there was an age requirement for entering the country.
She also had on cosy pink Ugg boots and warm pink polka dot leggings to keep her feet and legs from getting too icy.
The union representing a driver who was fired for the way she handled a fight on her school bus near Halifax has filed a formal grievance to get her job back.
"It's not like I was holding my belly. I wasn't promoting it in any way. It's just a full body picture," Harris told the local news station.
So my daughter is in constant pain, with extreme pain coming in waves for about a half an hour. I not sure whether it gas, (I never heard such loud sounds come out of a person belly before), a stomach virus, or the fact that my daughter ate so many different types of food that night her stomach has decided to rebel. So I call 911 and get ready to take her to the emergency room. Just then, she runs to the bathroom, has a couple of bouts of diarrhea and she back to normal. She lays down in her bed, exhausted and relieved, tells me how amazing I am and how much she loves me and falls asleep. Phew 1am, and I, in the meantime, proceed to get my rubber gloves and Clorox and clean two messy toilets with a great sigh of relief that all is well. And even though I am cleaning up a poopy mess, I appreciating that my daughter has passed through the storm, that my son slept through the whole ordeal (we had three EMS people and two police officers in the hallway), that I will soon be resting my head on my delicious pillow, and that my teenage daughter loves and appreciates me least for tonight.

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